After June 1, 2022, I may need to work with colleagues who speak English. I want to improve my speaking ability to improve our communication efficiency.


  • Improve pronunciation and accent.
  • Improve listening ability.
  • Familiar with cultural customs.

ACTION(Dynamic changes)

Improve pronunciation and accent

  • Follow the pronunciation video and imitate the pronunciation. (Once a week)
  • Read Apple’s development articles aloud, and ask the teacher to correct the pronunciation. (2~3 times a week)

Improve listening ability.

  • Listen to Apple developer technical videos. (1 hour per day)
  • Watch English movies without subtitles. (1 movie per week)

Familiar with cultural customs.

  • Prepare a topic in advance and chat with people from English-speaking countries.(2~3 times a week)


  • Schrodinger …

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