how to covert sketchApp style “linear-gradient(-45deg, #00CC51 7%, #00CC8F 100%);” to swift?


I found there was some difference between my code’s visual effect and designer’s preivew pictures. I wanted to know why?!


Find the reason of the difference, and then resolve it.


It was easy. Designers use sketchApp to draw ui. They must use some plugin to generate html code. Some the answer would be in the html source code.

Open index.html, plugin’s name is there — Sketch MeaXure.

 <title>Spec Export — Sketch MeaXure</title>

It was funny.And the answer was easy: sketchApp’s style had different zero degree standard!They have a diff of 90 degree.


Now, i can reproduce any skethApp’s linear-gradient, with linear-gradient.

CAGradientLayer().applySketch(angle: -45,
colors: [
(UIColor(hex6: 0x00CC51).cgColor, 0.07),
(UIColor(hex6: 0x00CC8F).cgColor, 1.0),

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